Road to London – Week 5

Looks like it is right out of a Rohit Shetty film, doesn’t it? But, that’s us. This is the “Road to London”ers on the 20 lane road mentioned last week. You can’s see all 20, but we could and boy, what a sight it was!

Little did we know that, this would be just one of the many incredible sights we would see this week. First off, each of the first four nights, we spent in four different countries.

4 days 4 countries…in a car! From left-hand-side driving to right and back. Can’t say this enough – this is what we thought a real road trip is all about!

And isn’t this what a milestone should really look like?

And we had a birthday in the gang! Our own Ninni turned all of 10 this week! Words like these (her latest blog post) don’t really sound like they are from a 10 year old, right? Or they maybe do 🙂

Now that we are in China we are going to be here for a bit – 6,000 kms. We are quite literally driving through the ins and ins of China. Chiangkong, Kunming, Jing Hong, Jinghonj, Kunming, Xichen and you thought China was only Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou!

Those earth formations look like man-made cathedrals, don’t they!?

We have picked quite some pace now. We are driving at 100-120 kmph on winding mountain roads. The Chinese ghat roads have good surface and are divided. Such a new experience!


It is getting colder too. In a way, this is the other side of the Himalayas.

Oh by the way, just in case you are wondering, our staple diet these days is rice and mango pickle or groundnut chutney. Thankfully breakfast buffets have abundant fruits, cheese and breads for us! But when the company is so much fun, who cares about food. Presenting to you, “The United Colours of #RoadToLondon”

We leave you with some abstract fun for you. Not always, does everything need to make sense. Like, does it make sense that we are already done with half the trip! By the end of today, we would have finished half the number of days and weeks and yet we would have covered 41% of the distance. A lot of fast driving on our way! By God’s grace all is well and as per schedule so far…

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15 thoughts on “Road to London – Week 5

  1. i see all your postings regularly. I feel that I am also traveling with you You are having Great time. Wish you safe and pleasant journey ahed.

    Navin Gada AISSIA

  2. Great going with lot of fun and adventure. Wish same till the finish of trip.

  3. Nice trip going on. Keep enjoying.
    Wish you Good luck for rest of your trip.

  4. great going, its a great experiance to know how big the EARTH is, 6000 kms in just one country, its huge………….

  5. All d best Baldawa uncle u are on a one more life time experince All d best and God bless
    Dinesh Shrivastav
    Yeshwant Nagar
    Goregoan Mumbai

  6. Very nice trip to London by road.
    Full of courage and adventures.
    Wish all the best once again.
    See you soon on arrival back to India.

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    ??? ?? ??? ???? ????????
    ?????? ????

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