Road To London – Week 7

When you have a list of 250 items to pack, you might forget your moustache trimmer. The good thing is, India or Bhutan, Bhutan or China – every man needs a moustache trimmer. So, in Hami, China,  we were trying to cross a huge intersection to get to a store on the other side of the road. There was heavy traffic and crossing the road was confusing. Fortunately, we saw a couple of policemen at the corner who we reached out for help. Unfortunately, we didn’t speak each other’s language and we were swiftly taken to the police station. A couple of hours and intervention by our ever-helpful guide later, we were out of the police station. We are yet to understand the exact reason but what we know is any uncommon behaviour is treated with suspicion and the police play it safe. It is a rather sensitive area and they are extra careful there. Who knew a moustache trimmer would take me to the insides of a Chinese police station.

Anyway, on the road we were next morning.

Packed lunch because there is no restaurant for a 400 kilometer stretch! And off we went again at a speed of 120-170 km/hour.

The Police in China are friendly but they are very wary of strangers and foreigners. There is a lot of checking on the road and each major stop took about 30-45 minutes extending the day by that much longer. On Sunday, one of the cars in our group, found itself stuck on the road and we waited for it to be cleared. By then it was 10 PM, and we had a good couple hours to drive to our destination. The car was cleared but since it was night the police got stricter with its checking.

The roads became plainer and straighter and we took to speeds of 140 to 180 km/hour. As is possible with speed a bunch of us ran into the risk of meeting with a bad accident, after which we decided to restrict speed to a steady 120 km/hour.

And we stop for gas under surveillance.

This day, 10th May started at 8.30AM. We drove 12-13 hours and had a 8-hour stopover for exit from China and entry into Kyrgyzstan.  We reached our destination at 2AM local time (4AM China time!). But what a beautiful welcome it was. Not by hotels, but by mother nature!

And now we are enjoying a rest day!

Looking back at how far we have come! 47 of 72 days, 7 of 10+ weeks, 13,500 of 21,000 kilometers…

21 thoughts on “Road To London – Week 7

  1. Sir first of all very very congratulations to both of you and heads of to ur spirit and energy to travel sooo long this shows you both are still younger and now sir my question is that how much budget is needed to travel from mumbai to london total amount u have been paid for per person including all paper works ,fuels ,maintainece and evrythg?

  2. Aw, this was an extremely high quality submit. In theory Id prefer to create such as this too taking some time to real work to create a very good report but exactly what do I say My partner and i delay doing things a large amount and don’t appear to go done.

  3. BadriJi and Family,

    Good to know the details and thanks for sharing so much information and beautiful pictures with us. You are inching towards your final goal and dream come true, God Bless You all in the expedition and our Good Wishes for remaining journey.

    Best regards

    Malika and Harish Varanasi

  4. Take care of your health and puspa good photos may God bless and complete your tour with out hurdles thanks

  5. Hello masaji and masiji. Really great scenic pics of china and kyrgyzasthan.Really great adventours journey is going on. Thanks fr updating photos and details of journey to london. Its inspiring fr all of us. Take care. Wishing u all the best fr the upcoming journey.

  6. Sorry for delayed reply as the connectivity is not great here. Besides, it is day long driving and getting ready for next day drive.

    In each of the places we have travelled so far, including Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, people are extremely cordial and anxious to develop friendship as if we know each other for a decades! The police also initially look rigid as they have to execute their duties. But once they know that we are genuine travellers, they show up with broad smiles and salutes.

  7. Gr8 to see all scenic photos.Gr8 adventure. Keep it up. Make CD when u come to INDIA.all the best for rest of your journey.
    Bharat B.Patel.

  8. Beautiful scenic roads.gr8 adventure. Make CD when u come to India.all the best for your remaining journey.BHARAT PATEL

  9. Sir you are in Kyrgyzstan how is this country how are the people there are they freindly with strangers or foreigners or bit reserved or souspicious I know it’s Muslim country is their any other religion persists or only Islam are those muslims are same as our Indian muslims or they are different in nature as my expirience in Kazakhstan was really very good they are very freidly & warm welcoming. Let me know your expirience

  10. Badriji , bhabhiji and the little angel…. wish you all the best and thank you for updating us with lovely pictures and details of your journey to London.
    Warm Regards
    Ketan Shah

  11. Great going Turppan valley known for grapes it has been covered with mountains specially flame mountain it’s very hot in month of August I had been there three times to Urumqi Turppan it’s beautiful Badriji have a nice time

  12. Nice pictures

    Was waiting for your updates and pictures.

    Very good going sir.

    Good luck….

  13. Very nice to see all these Badriji with Pushpa Bhabhi and Nishi.

    Very nice trip with unforgettable memories in life time.

    All the Best.


    Vishnu Goyal

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