Road to London – Week 9

We seem to attract the police a bit. This time, rightly so 😛 it was for speeding and a minor traffic offense. Then we had a bit of an event where our windshield got hit by a small pebble while driving causing a small hole. 

Worry not, we super-glued it with the help of a very friendly mechanic who went around Samara town with us till we found the right glue.

We were also hosted by the Indian embassy at Samara.

Samara is a pretty town with lots of natural and man-made beauty. This is a beach on the Volga river. Yep, a riverside beach. Amazing, isn’t it?

The local authorities of Samara have training facilities for various sports on the riverside beach. Here’s a gymnast practising her skill.

What is a roadtrip without some adjustments? We stayed at a hotel with shared bath. At other points there were toilets that were basically pits in the flooring.

If you had heard impressive things about Russian architecture and the beauty of Moscow, you were right.

You would think that we would have grand stories about the difficult terrain we drove through. Well, we have loads of those and some more. And we will share those once we are back. But, here’s a weird surprise. One of the most difficult ones was getting out of a parking lot in Moscow.


Video of parking lot

Every time we think we have accomplished something, life presents new inspirations. Meet Mr. Ulla who is cycling from from Germany to Philippines!

And on that note, we bid adieu to Asia and are off to Europe. Latvia marks the end of the penultimate week of our trip.

Just yesterday, the windshield had another episode. A stork flew into it when we were driving at 120 kmph.

All’s well. No one is hurt but it was a bit of a scare for sure.

We had a beautiful night in Lithuania.

Yep, we are almost done, crossing one European country after another. It is as exhilarating as it is saddening. It is soon going to be done with. Till then!

12 thoughts on “Road to London – Week 9

  1. Congratulation /you have almost completed journey with Style and such enjoyment that feels that we should have joined you

  2. BRAVO… YOUNG MAN !!!!




  3. Going great keep it up God will always be with you with His blessings
    Every one is now anxious to listen and see your adventurous trip May be you r the first threesome undertaking such adventure
    Actually this is not sn adventure This is a phenomenon ????????????????

  4. Good news then Badri and Pushpa

    The Stork did come visiting!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fortunately you have a Gynec in the family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Very nice,
    Worried to note windshield crack, but God is Great and always take care of near and dear one.
    Keep your journey ahead to London.
    Best regards
    Vishnu Goyal

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