Road to London #1 – Another World Record For Me?

I am excited!

I am privileged to have a life partner who has always been with me – from social responsibilities to simple dinners out to super adventures like a trek around Mt. Kailash, a cruise to South Pole, a driving trip through Iceland and lots more.  Together we established the record of being the first Indians to land at North Pole (i.e. 90° North) in 2009.

Of late, Pushpa’s knees have not been able to cope with the strain that trekking brings.  But painful knees cannot keep thrill and excitement at bay.  So I thought, till such time she is able to convince her knees to support her for treks, let us go for driving trips.

It is not unusual for me to take driving trips within the country, like the one I am about to set off for next week – 2,500 kms into South India and back. This is an endurance test drive for something coming up soon!

Our next adventure is a 60-day driving trip from Mumbai to London – 14 countries, 18,000 kms and 9 months of preparation.

It is a route that takes you to West by first going East. We will start with cutting across the Indian states of MP, UP, West Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur.  This will lead us to Myanmar.  We would then drive through China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia (right up to Moscow), Belarus, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and finally the UK.

As you can imagine, the journey will be through off-beat tracks, rugged mountains, deserts and sand dunes, dense forests and snow passes, high altitudes and heritage sites, and of course some highways and city drives.  We will cross iron bridges in Myanmar as well as pass through the silk route in Central Asia. Believe it or not, we are looking forward to the various challenges we will face driving through such varied landscape.

This might just be a World Record – the senior most person (72 years) to make this journey (Waiting for confirmation from Limca Records®).

Just wanted to share my excitement with you!

Written : Badri Baldawa

Edited  : Meeta Kabra

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About badri

As I approached 68 (2013), my son, Anand insisted that I had proven enough in my 45-year long career and it was time I took life a little easier; enjoy traveling (that I love) and social life. Yet, I somehow wanted to contribute positively and was exploring my options. My son-in-law, Navin suggested that I should write and share my experiences, “being a self-made man, you should tell the next generation how you overcame various obstacles to reach this position, in both, business and social circles.” He pointed out that while I was sharing my experiences with family and friends, as they approached me, a blog had the potential to take your voice to many, many more. He also insisted that I start mentoring youngsters who were new in their businesses. I was convinced. I offered my services pro bono, as part of a Guidance Program. Also, I started writing on this blog, bringing out figments from my memory as experiences that might be of value to the readers here. My daughter Meeta is sweet enough to spare her time to edit what I write. As a youngster, I thought one meal a day, one set of school uniform a year, a public place to study, lack of finance and basic shelter would keep me from achieving my dreams. To compensate, I started giving 110% of what was normally expected. Yes, 110% even in bad deeds! This worked. The very limitations started inspiring me in different phases of my life – meritorious results in studies; strength to shoulder family responsibilities; satisfied employers; establishing a successful business of my own; and in my adventure trips and other travel plans. Having done what I wanted to, I agreed it was time for me to expose myself! I felt, through this blog, I could and should share my expereinces. Hopefully, readers would find some bits useful and if not, they’d enjoy reading. Look forward to interact with you. Happy Reading, Badri Baldawa

28 thoughts on “Road to London #1 – Another World Record For Me?

  1. I am sorry for delayed reply . Our South India trip was hectic. On my return, I had to get my eye cataract surgery done. That was just 2 days back and hence I would restrict my answer to brief.

    1. I guess you would be able to have an average annual income of Rs.10 lakhs on your travel corpus. I presume you would go for vacations twice a year, 2-3 weeks each. One within India and one for overseas. Yes. It is a fun to stay in camps and tents. I never enjoyed my stay in 5 stars and particularly the food and tea there! Normally for a couple, in camp travels, all inclusive cost should not be more than Rs.10,000 per day. After adding the ticket/fuel cost, a budget of Rs.3 lakhs should be fine for domestic travel. For overseas, it could be about Rs.6 lakhs per tour. . However for certain unusual trips like North Pole cruise, Antarctica cruise, or something like a drive to London would cost more. But you would have enough savings from the domestic trips to cover the extra costs for those unusual trips.

    Thus even the income from the corpus should be good enough to cover your travel costs! Therefore your corpus of Rs.1 Crore would remain intact for ever for you and your next generation!

    I think your plans are perfect.

    2. Coming to your second question. The very aim of travel trips is to experience the unusual. Problems are bound to be there. As long as we are confident, there is no problem which cannot be solved. It is always a funand sometimes a challenge to face and solve the problems. That becomes a great learning experience. Let me add one more factor. We are strict vegetarians and wife does not eat even onions and garlic. But we have been able to undertake trips of 40-50 days outside India without any difficulties. We pre-accept that we are not going out for good bed or good food. Our purpose is to experience the strangers, unknown places and unexpected difficulties. We do study and take calculated risks and adequate precautions. As an extreme, we lost the fear of death. It makes the things simpler, convenient and free from all risks!!

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  2. I just read your blog “Am I set for another world record ? ” and was quite intrigued by it.

    I am 45 years old and run my own business in IT and ecommerce. We lived for a long time in USA and since last 8 years are in Pune, India. Both me and my wife love traveling and have done quite a bit as a family. My kids are currently in 5th and 8th std and so family and business responsibilities don’t allow me to take extended vacations.

    However, I plan to stop working at the age of 50 and then pursue my traveling hobby extensively. Couple of questions:

    1) I plan to keep aside Rs.1 cr. for traveling purpose ONLY. I hope to use the interest (and some capital if required) for my traveling adventures. At that time our kids will be grown up and so it will be only me and my wife for the traveling trips. We will rough it out like camp instead of staying in hotels etc.

    Do you think this kind of corpus will be enough to last for 15-20 years ONLY for traveling ?

    2) When you will go on your international 60 day road trip, do you worry about safety while driving through lonely terrain, unknown places etc. ?

  3. Hello uncle,

    Have you left already ? Hope you have access to Internet. Our best wishes are with you. Waiting for your adventure blog.

  4. 02/07/2016, 15:31:17: Vikram Chindak: All the best Uncle and Tai .
    02/07/2016, 15:35:32: Shriniwasji Rathi: All the best Tai and Benoji 02/07/2016, 15:35:55: Priyanka Rathi: Woww all the best taI And masaji 02/07/2016, 16:40:02: Uday Chindak: Very nice…. All the best Tai and phupaji 02/07/2016, 16:50:53: Girja Rathi: All the best Tai and Benoji 02/07/2016, 16:51:38: Nirmala Gilda: All the best aap ki ytra sukdhmay ho pparmatma se ye kamna h ????????
    02/07/2016, 17:02:41: Vikram Chindak: Uncle will have everything planned !! @ didi 02/07/2016, 19:42:44: Amey Chindak: All the best tai and pupaji… Keep rocking keep inspiring 02/07/2016, 19:58:15: Rashmi Chindak: All the best Tai and fufaji..superb ????????

  5. 02/07/2016, 20:49:44: Satish Partani: ???? ?? ????? ?? ?????? ?? ???? ??????? ????????

  6. 02/07/2016, 20:20:09: Vijayandra Shambhu Chindak: Woooowwww…. that’s a dream drive… all the best ????

  7. Dear Badriji and Pushpa tai,
    Great to know about your plans to drive to London.
    Wishing you all the best. You are true inspiration,
    Swapneshu and Shubhangi Baser

  8. Respected,
    Shri Badri Baldvaji Bhaishab & Pushpa bhabhi Ji.
    Best wishes to you both.
    Have a Successful trip .
    Sri Sri GURUDEV’S Blessings always with you both.

    Jai Gurudev!

  9. JGD Baldawa Ji,
    You are an amazing person. First time, I am reading about your adventures. I am sure you will have great fun at upcoming trip.
    Best Wishes,
    Anil Sharma

  10. Wow….what an adventure…..never heard of ……It is thrilling to even imagine such a long drive across so many countries….Best of Luck for Journey…….

  11. Megha Rathi: Read about your future adventure plan..
    Megha Rathi: Woww..
    It was so thrilling to even read I can totally understand the excitement..
    Wish you all the best Masaji..
    You are an inspiration always

  12. Good luck tauji
    It’s v inspiring to have someone like you in the family 01/07/16, 9:31:43 PM: US Baldawa Sandeep: I always talk about you to my friends
    They were v happy with ur new mission
    SandeepUS Baldawa

    Good Luck Tauji and Taiji

  13. bhaiji,
    We are excited and would like to receive you at kishanganj while crossing chicken neck area for entry to assam.
    Regards, Gobind Behani

  14. have gone thru ur blog..first of all “All The Best” going thru the blog i..myself feel soo thrilled which can’t b explained..
    take care for both the trips..needless to say “NJOY”
    awaiting to hear ur exciting experience..

  15. On 25 May 2016
    Anand Baldawa
    Sounds like fun!!

    On 27 May 2016
    Navin Kabra
    This sounds great

    On 27 May 2016
    Meeta Kabra
    Oh my goodness!!! This is brilliant!
    Wow!! This sounds great
    So exciting!!!!

    On 27 May 2016
    Nilesh Randive:
    Awesome. Hats off. Wow ????

  16. Messages Recd on whatsapp:
    Lahoti Tarachandji Manju: Wow Mamaji Mamiji congratulations & All The Best

    01/07/16, 2:14:43 PM: Gokak Geeta Baldawa: Best of luck both of you.

    Solapur Govind Bhattad: All the best mamaji 30/06/16, 9:55:15 PM:

    Solapur Nanda Bhattad: ????????????????????

    30/06/16, 9:58:28 PM: Baldawa Suman: ???????????????????? Best of luck both of you 30/06/16, 10:16:34 PM:

    US Khushboo Jabanputra: Seems very exciting! Have a joyful journey ????
    30/06/16, 11:11:39 PM:

    01/07/16, 1:41:46 AM: Dxb Baldawa Rupali: Great going tauji and tauji! You almost never fail to inspire us!????????
    01/07/16, 9:19:57 AM: Gokak Neeta Zawar: ???????????????????? Best of luck both of you 01/07/16, 9:26:18 AM:

    Hyd: Pramod Totla: All the best Mama Ji and Mami Ji ????????????????????????????????
    01/07/16, 11:11:52 AM: JSP Rajni Baldawa: ???????????????????? Best of luck both of you

    Bellary: Govind Baldawa: ???????????? wow….all the best kakaji

    30/06/16, 9:51:52 PM: Bay Arjun Baldawa: ???????????????????????? exciting????

    30/06/16, 10:21:53 PM: Raichur Jyoti Madhu Inani: ???????????? wow !!

    30/06/16, 10:36:44 PM: Belg: Jayanti Pooja Tapadia: All de best….paa…….we all know u vl get success in ur world record????

    30/06/16, 11:23:15 PM: Satara Ujwal Sarda: If there is a Will there is a way bravo Badriji ???????????????

    01/07/16, 8:12:27 AM: Latur Somani Sunita Rajeshji: ???????????????????? u r really DON 01/07/16, 8:14:38 AM:

    Pune Shinde Sneha: Proud of you nana !! Enjoy and all the best for the most adventurous trip of your life ????

  17. Hi Sir,

    I know you not only as a Great person but also a Inspiration for all in my generation and it’s a privilege for us that you have taken a Guest Lecture in Sri Sri University, And one of my famous words are these when you start Love things which you are doing there is no failure for that, if it’s there you enjoy more than a success because you like doing it, And i know that you will break all the records one after another, you should agin visit us at Sri Sri University.

  18. Dear Baldewa
    Surprised to read your plan to visit London By Road from India at the age of 72 Years along with Wife.
    We Wish you success in your adventure.
    When you are leaving would like to talk to you before you start your adventure
    Thanks and Regards

    Hello uncle
    Good to see ur mail. Not read ur blog yet.
    Ashwini Thakur

    As always it is nice to follow your journeys. Hope you and your family are doing well.
    Best regards,

    Awesome news!!Travel safe…
    Bon voyage!
    Anand Baheti

  19. Just Great! Like your adventures. Would like to meet you after your journey just to listen to your experience. Hope you will be recognised by Limca.

  20. you are an insipiration uncle, all the best for your trip- sounds amazing!

  21. Wooaaww!! Fantatabulous and most thrilling Idea!!
    Really looking forward to hear your experiences!!
    Wish you All the Best!!

  22. Salute for your enthusiasm.. our wishes with you and this will inspire us….

  23. Dear Uncle,
    All your trips are adventurous and exciting. Wish u Good luck and Safe and healthy journey… Looking forward for your blogs…

  24. Wow! So much to learn from you guys! All the best for your journey!
    Keep instagramming your travel details to us 🙂

  25. Dear Baldavaji,
    i am sure you will achieve this feat successfully. I wish both of you a safe and a healthy trip.

  26. Dear Badriji
    You will definitely get confirmation from Limca World Records. Hearing soon from you for the same. Wish you happy and joyful journey to both of you (you and Bhabhiji)
    With best wishes once again.
    Vishnu Goyal

  27. dear sir,

    gr8 to know about your journey and our best wishes as always to you !!! ., have a nice trip !!! bon voyage !!!

    naresh soni & family

  28. Lovely to see your email. All the best. Am sure it’ll be lots of fun.

    All the very best to you both. Am sure it’ll be a successful trip.

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