How Reliable is Horoscope Compatibility For Wedding

My dad’s older brother called, “we have reference for a boy from a well-reputed family in Sangli-Madhavnagar.  Bhageerathi’s horoscope matches his, 35 out of the maximum possible 36 aspects (gunas) match.” Bhageerathi was my most beloved younger sister.

The practice of matching horoscope, called ‘kundli milan’,  before marriage has been a very integral part of a Hindu marriage.

For kundlis (horoscopes) to match, parents consult an astrologer to assess the zodiac compatibility even before the boy and girl meet each other.  A match of atleast 26 aspects/points is considered essential.  It is believed, that this matching indicates how well the couple would get along together.  Obviously therefore, higher the match count, better and longer are prospects of their happy lives together.

We were all very happy to have found a boy to match 35 out of 36 counts for Bhageerathi. Shortly thereafter, in 1963, they were married.  About 2-3 years into the marriage, they were blessed with a daughter.  The year after, Bhageerathi passed away in an accident.

This raises a question.  Can the tradition of matching horoscopes be trusted?

Sure, in Hindu families reading horoscopes and making decisions based on the radings is a respected and accepted practice. However, the accuracy of the reading depends on exact time of birth. For any reason, if the time of birth is not accurately recorded, the entire horoscope could be incorrect.  Further, it is after all an individual who interprets the horoscope.  The reading depends on the depth of knowledge of the person preparing and interpreting it.

Certainly something had gone wrong in matching Bhageerathi’s horoscope.  Otherwise would she not be able to enjoy a long, married life after a match count of 35 out of 36?

There were instances where a boy and a girl liked and loved each other immensely.  When they were to get married, their horoscopes did not match and they were forced to forget each other. There were cases where priority was given to horoscope compatibility rather than personalities. Isn’t it unfair?

Should we deprive those who love each other just because of horoscope readings? Should this tradition be encouraged?  Certainly not…………I feel.

Written : Badri Baldawa

Edited  : Meeta Kabra


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11 thoughts on “How Reliable is Horoscope Compatibility For Wedding

  1. I think gun Milan doesn’t care the length of life but how the intimacy is .The boy and girl were perfectly fine during life. This is the accuracy of astrology.

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  4. Grand dad even i feel wat u told is right!
    I get motivated to read all your life experiences!

  5. I fully agree with my boss, mentor,friend.
    If one can be a good human being,THE ALMIGHTY takes care of the rest.

  6. Pranam Balakrishnanji
    We are on same wave length. I did not condemn that kundali matching is farce. I said similar to what you have highlighted ” the accuracy of the reading depends on exact time of birth. For any reason, if the time of birth is not accurately recorded, the entire horoscope could be incorrect. Further, it is after all an individual who interprets the horoscope. The reading depends on the depth of knowledge of the person preparing and interpreting it.”

  7. First and foremost is the horoscope matching does not begin and end at Gun milan. There are many aspects to matching which the traditional astrologers miss. The problem is people go to way side astrologer (who claim to be knowing everything after reading few books) and get cheated. Today astrology is a big scince!!!!. You may not agree. So let us not condemn that kundali marching is all farce. I also while matching horoscopes take into account practical aspects. Please visit my website

  8. Dear Badriji
    Very nicely explained. In modern days, many boys and girl themselves choose their JEE ANSAATHI, so slowly slowly this old tradition of matching KUNDLI in future coming days will not be as important as it was in past.
    Waiting for next Blog.
    Vishnu Goyal

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