To face Terrorism, Act, just praying does not help

One of my colleagues sent me an email to say that we should build national spirit among ourselves and therefore every meeting should start with Vande Matram and end with Jana Gana Mana.   My reply was as under:

“Yes, though I agree to National Anthem and Prayer in the EC meeting, that itself is not going to solve the problem. 


USA had 9/11 problem, but did anything major repeat thereafter.  Why is this a fornightly affair in our country?


It is time that we act in the National interest. It is the corruption which has spoiled our politicians and the Government governance.  Every time we talk about the protest and steps we need take on political level, we hear: “we are businessmen and let us remain businessmen.  Let us not get involved by raising our voice but let us quietly manage the things and go ahead”.  That is how we ourselves have nursed corruption, inefficiency and resulting havocs.  If our system is not corrupted and is efficient, I don’t think the terrorists would have crossed the Indian waters and landed on our grounds to slap on our face.  I personally derive that we are responsible for the terrorist activity of last week as we have failed to make the system to realise their responsibilities.  Most of our politicians and officials in authority are busier working out the plans which gives them larger benefit, instead of greater benefit to the Society/Nation.


What counts is the action we take, not what we pray.  We have placed national benefit far behind to our own benefit which in fact should be the other way.  Therefore, if we are seriously sincere, just praying national anthem/song alone does not solve the problem.  Let each of our action to the benefit of the country.  Are we prepared to take oath and implement:


            (a) Not to bribe anyone and fight for our legitimate rights even if it means sacrifice of personal benefit

            (b) To have the entire business of ours without parallel records      

            (c) To raise our voice against any injustice and inefficiency irrespective of             who feels offended, as long as it is to the benefit of the Nation?


If we implement this, we will have the confidence to fight any injustice and inefficiency.  That would keep every one alert to perform their duties and control the unfortunate episodes like what we had last week.


Let us Act to the benefit of the Society in general; just murmuring alone would not help.  Let us learn to sacrifice our own benefit for the benefit of the Society/Nation in general.