Road to London – Week 1

It was so heartening to see so many well-wishers at the flag off event on 24th. While a lot of details about the conceptualisation and planning of the trip were discussed. This cute little speech stole hearts. It wouldn’t be surprising if you watched one particular line a few times on loop.

Despite leftover butterflies from this cute little speech, Nishi started off with a smile. Of course, day 1 out ofAirplane wing on truck on way to Bhopal the way now, the nervousness had settled. And we were off enjoying camels on roads and airplane wings on trucks.



On the way to Indore is a school that does something really cute. Just look at this picture on the left:

Who doesn’t like happy children? Only this glee is the ice cream gleeeeeee! They are out on a monthly school trip to a garden where they play-eat ice cream. Play-eat ice cream. Repeat.

Now those smiles on these Indori kids from La Sagesse school make more sense, don’t they?

Day 3 saw team RoadToLondon reach 1000 kilometers!





Unfortunately they witnessed something terribly, heartbreaking. Hills are being cut down to make way for “civilisation”. Soon caves that are centuries old will be destroyed.

Any journey is also a lot about the pauses…and the road-side dhabas!
Dhaba between Jhansi and Ayodhya

We were wondering when the first cute, little problems, that any adventure brings, would begin to crop up. Imagine looking for a usable, Western-style, public toilet. Now, imagine looking for one on the narrow, single lane roads of villages in Uttar Pradesh. The rest is left to your imagination.

And then our man Friday, Shiva lost his shoes – of all the places, in the VVIP section of a temple in Varanasi!

When you are truly blessed, all things fall in place. Two days ago we got a call from the leader of Muslim Foundation of India. They had gotten leaders from all religions – Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Isai (Christianity) – together. They wanted to show their support to the “Peace is Possible” mission. It was one exhilarating experience to be with them!

It has been one week since we left home. Seems like yesterday but is 2100+ kilometers away. Through wonderful highways across Madhya Pradesh, through tiny villages and single lane roads, you do indeed see the two Indias. Sure, the development has brought pollution and destruction. But, the national flag unfurls, the temples continue to add to history, the colors are bright, the people are warm. Here are some memories we collected along the way.




















That wraps up week 1. As you might have guessed, the excitement is only building up. After a good rest day at Benares yesterday, we are off again! We will keep you posted week-by-week.

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As always, thank you for your best wishes!