North Pole

Visit to North Pole Where Purest of Water and Environment still exists

I had trekked to Mt. Everest Base Camp last year ie in May 2008.  After my successful completion of this trip, I was told by some friends and associates that I should have told them in advance so that they could have partly or fully sponsored the expedition.  In return, they wanted a picture of their corporate flag flying at Mt. Everest, which they could have used in their advertising and sales promotion campaigns.

Starting 7 July 2009,  I am now heading, with my wife, for The North Pole, dot 90 deg North, This is the “Top of the World” rather “Top of the Globe” from where there is nothing North to it.  Everything in the world is South to this point.

We travelled to Antarctica, South Pole, over two years back.  It is a land covered with age old ice and surrounded by water.  However at North Pole there is no land at all, rather it is full of frozen water surrounded by land.  While the longest day to watch midnight Sun at Antarctic South Pole is on Dec 22, it is June 22 at Arctic North Pole.

This is a unique expedition to a remote and very little explored part of the globe with all its virgin beauty and weather uncertainties.   The voyage would ultimately by cruising on a powerful nuclear powered ice breaker ship, only one of its type in the world,  which passes through to North Pole by cutting age old ice.   This makes the expedition quite exciting.  How the compass needles reacts at a place where there is nothing North to it, how pure is the purest of weather, how is the vegetation etc are all the points worth observing.

The journey includes flying to Scandinavia and then to Russia to sail on the Cruise from Russian Port thereafter.  As per my information, only about 400 civilians have visited this spot from all over the world.  We could be the first or the first few Indians to visit the spot.

If you have any queries and questions which you think I should observe on this journey, please do email me.  The journey would be more  interesting with these additional questions in mind.  I am also just wondering whether this could also be beneficial for commercial publicity, for a consideration.  Views and proposals from the readers would be much appreciated.