Drive Through Iceland 4: Fun Begins!

Map of Iceland

Map of Iceland

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Rental for a car navigator was $140 for a week. Online reviews said that Simminn telecom’s SIM card would be reliable even on mountain tops, valleys and glaciers. So, I skipped the independent car navigator and purchased a SIM card with 1GB data and 500 free calls for US$ 25.  I fixed the SIM card in the extra phone I had. The label on the pack instructed me to send a message to the company to activate it.  I sent the SMS and the navigation started working for my first stop, Reykjavik, the capital city.

Equipped with car, guided by the sim navigation, snacks and provisions duly stacked up, everything was turning out as per plan. I am smart – I thought!

Reykjavik is popular for its night life and pubs.

Hallgrimska Church, Iceland

Hallgrimska Church, Iceland

Since, our focus was to explore the exceptional geographical sites, we skipped the entertainment events in the capital. Instead, we used our time to drive through the city roads.  We visited Church Hallgrímskirkja, also the tallest building in the city.This Church has fascinating shapes and forms.  The church features a mechanical pipe organ system standing at an 50 feet high and weighing all of 25 tons.  This is driven by 4 manuals and 5275 pipes, all designed to reproduce powerful notes capable of filling the huge and holy space with a range of tones.

Pipe organ in cathedral

Pipe organ in Cathedral

India, where even the remotest of roads have enough people strolling by eager to guide passers-by, the roads in this city were deserted. We did not know where we were, let alone know which direction to move towards. I grew restless for many a reason.

I had an idea! A solution seemed plausible. Though it might be expensive,  I could use my other phone which had my Indian SIM card.  I switched it on.  ‘No service’ it showed!  How silly of me! I forgot to activate international roaming for the card. Oh wait! My wife had her phone with an Indian SIM.   ‘No service’ either.   Obviously, even if it was her phone, it would not work without international roaming activated.  Every time I leave India, I get our phones activated for international roaming.  But I had missed on doing it this time! What a blunder. We were lost.

The fun had truly begun.

To be contd……………

Written : Badri Baldawa

Edited  : Meeta Kabra