A Mother’s Selflessness

We were living in Bellary when I got an admit to St. Joseph College, Bangalore for my under-graduation in 1966. I stayed in the hostel, which as a very special case, was provided to me free of cost by the college authorities. I couldn’t afford meals at the hostel mess, thus had a special waiver to make my own arrangements for food. From the limited funds I got from home, I subscribed for a monthly coupon at an Udipi restaurant at Rs.60 per month for two limited meals a day which was good enough for my needs.

This was my first time away from home, I missed my parents. After about a month of moving to Bangalore, I took advantage of a long weekend and went home.

My mother was at the door and was surprised to see me. Her first question was, ‘Why did you come home?’ Taken aback, I asked her what she meant. I told her that I missed her and have come home for just the weekend, ‘Are you not happy that I have come home?’

She said, ‘I love to see you all the time. But I can’t be selfish. In future, avoid visits as much as possible.’ ……….a long pause, with tears in her eyes…….expecting me to ask further questions, she continued, ‘You get meals twice a day at your hostel while I can feed you only once a day…’


Edited by: Meeta Kabra